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Q. With so many different therapies in the market to choose from, why choose music therapy?

A. Music therapy is a totally drug-free therapy. With the support of a trained music therapist, it offers a harmless and secure environment for participant to express and release their feelings (verbally and non-verbally) freely through various music therapy techniques.


Q. How long is a music therapy session?

A. The length of a session can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Factors such as activity tolerance, age, and types of goals are taken into consideration when determining session length.


Q: Do I have to know how to play an instrument?

A: No knowledge or past experience of music is required by the participant(s). A music therapist meets the individual through music in many forms. All of these music therapy experiences are created for you to work on in order to accomplish your therapeutic goals in a structured and enjoyable therapy environment. Music therapist always modifies their approaches for each client to assure clients receive an age-appropriate experience.


Q: Who can benefit from music therapy?

A: All ages of people, from infants to the elderly can benefit from Music Therapy. This specialized therapy assists people with a wide spectrum of challenges at any stage of life. *


Q: Is music therapy just for individuals?

A: The benefits reach groups as well as individuals. Handling stress in the workplace, team building, group communication/social skills and family bonding are also part of my service.


* Remarks: There are times when participants will not benefit from music therapy because music can increase agitation, anxiety, and distress in some occasions. Therefore, music therapists are trained in assessment and will never continue therapy if a client displays a negative or harmful response.

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