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Music Therapist 


Sincere Tung, M.A., MTA


Sincere Tung earned his Bachelor of Music Therapy degree from the University of Windsor in 2011, and a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies (Music Therapy Option) from Concordia University, Montreal in 2014. He received his certified accreditation from the Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT) in 2011. In collaboration with Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes he has created two CDs on the use of music with palliative care clients, and one CD for relaxation and stress relief.


After returning to Hong Kong, Sincere has been giving workshops and seminars to various audiences including adults with disabilities, youth, university students, healthcare professionals, family caregivers, and teachers as well as providing therapy services for children and parents. He has been an invited guest speaker on several radio programs, Lingnan University and the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong.



Music Therapy Experience (Hospitals, Schools, and Organizations)

•        Social Welfare Department (Hong Kong) 

•        Hong Kong Playground Association (Mongkok Centre)

•        Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission (CNEC) Kei Shek Church Social   Service Division, Lam Tin

•        Hong Kong PHAB Association

•        Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

•        Baptist Hospital

•        Lingnan University 

•        Sung Lan Middle School, Tai Wai

•        Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong On Yan Nursery School, Tai Po

•        Truth Baptist Church Glory Nursery  

•        Truth Baptist Church Empower Kindergarten

•        Delight Production Company 

•        Addoilmusic


Academic Research Experience

  • Supporting End-of-Life Family Caregivers                               2014

Presented at the 2014 World Congress of Music Therapy, Krems/Vienna, Austria

  • Music Therapy Case Study (Internship)                                  2010

Presented to the Canadian Association of Music Therapy (CAMT) accreditation board


Professional Qualifications


  • Music Therapist Accredited (Canada)                                     since 2011

  • Canadian Association of Music Therapy (CAMT)                      since 2010

  • Hong Kong Music Therapy Association                                   since 2014


Music Publication (CD) (


  • Soothing Relaxation Journey                                                    

  • By the Shining Waters of the St. Laurent                                    

  • Episodes of Relationship Completion                                         




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